PPCG – Spacewar! King of the Hill

Action Red Blue
Turn left Z N
Turn right X M
Hyperspace C ,
Fire engine V .
Fire missile B /
Reset field SPACEBAR
Restart game S
Stop anim ESC
Resume anim ENTER

Gravity? Intersections? Accelerated?
Number of games per pair:

function userbot_setup(team) {
    var botVars = {};
    return botVars;

function userbot_getActions(gameInfo, botVars) {
    var actions = [];
    return actions;

Special credit to PhiNotPi and BrainSteel of PPCG for invaluable testing and bug-fixing help, and to C????O'B???? for his contributions to code.

Minor modifications for Evolution1 programming challenge by JTown

Bot Developer Last Updated
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